Hyundai Equus: Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Repair procedures - IMS (Integrated Memory System) - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2024 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Repair procedures

Ims Mode Setting With GDS
You can turn ON/OFF of IMS tilt & telescope control option with the user option program.
Select model and "body control module" menu.
Select the "user option".

Select the "Tilt steering & seat linkage".
Select the On/Off option of IMS tilt & telescope control.
Seat installation state ON/OFF
Seat riding & getting off gearing ON/OFF
Column installation state ON/OFF
Column riding & getting off gearing ON/OFF

    Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Description and Operation
    Description The Tilt & Telescope operation function in SCM contains of the following function. 1. Manual control with direction switches (Tilt Up/Down, Telescope Forward/Backward). 2. Pla ...

    Seat Electrical

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