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HID Head Lamp
Xenon gas: Xenon gas activates the initial reaction for rapid illuminating.
Molybdenum electrode: anode arcing
Metal halide salts: color composing component
Lightening principle
When Xenon gas and metal halide salt will discharge the molybdenum anode in a capsule, it emits light.
Ignitor (A) is an electromagnetic transformer that receives current from ballast and boost voltage to light on the arc light source in any environment.

Ballast (A) delivers an instant high voltage pulse to the ignitor electrode, to initialize discharge in the source.
Ballast supplies the stable power to the bulb and the ignitor during initialization and normal state of arc.

Durable for vibration as there is no filament.
Does not operate if polarity are changed.
Doesn't operate if the input voltage is not in the range of 10-16V.
Doesn't operate if the circuit is short.
Doesn't operate if the bulb burnt out.
    Head Lamps Components and Components Location
    Components 1. Head lamp assembly lens & housing2. Ballast3. Head lamp (Low) bulb (HID) & Ignitor4. Bracket5. Dust cover (Low)6. Vertical adjustment (High/Low)7. Head lamp (High) bulb8. Du ...

    Head Lamps Repair procedures
    Inspection Head Lamp Relay Inspection 1. Pull out the head lamp relay (Low) (A) from the engine compartment relay box. A : Head lamp(Low) relay 2. Check for continuity between terminals. The ...

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