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Inspect Sunroof Alignment
Adjust the difference between the height of the glass roof panel (A) and glass weatherstrip (B).

Standard value [mm(in.)] :
Front edge : - 0.2 (- 0.0079)
Rear edge : ±0.2 (±0.0079)
Side edge : ±0.4 (±0.0157)

Loosen the front screw and rear screw (A), adjust the height between the glass panel and roof panel.

Tightening torque :
2.0 ~ 3.9 N.m (0.2 ~ 0.4 kgf.m, 1.4 ~ 2.9 lb-ft)

Operating The Sunroof Emergency Handle
Use the sunroof emergency handle to close or open the sunroof manually if the sunroof cannot be closed electronically due to motor or controller electrical malfunction.
Operating method.
Remove the roof trim.
Push the emergency handle up into the hexagonal drive (A) of the sunroof motor. You must push hard enough to disengage the motor clutch; otherwise the emergency handle will slip due to incomplete fit in the motor.
Carefully turn the emergency handle clockwise to close the sunroof.
After closing the sunroof, wiggle the handle back and forth as you remove the tool from the motor, to ensure the motor clutch reengages.
A 5mm hex socket may be used in place of the emergency handle, with aФ SpeederФ type handle.
Do not use power tools to operate the sunroof.
Damage to the components may occur.

    Components and Components Location
    Components 1. Glass panel2. Decoration cover3. Drip link4. Guide assembly5. Drip rail6. Sunshade7. Defector8. Defector link 9. Seal tape10. Motor11. Frame12. Set plate ...

    Sunroof Glass Components and Components Location
    Component Location 1. Sunroof glass ...

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