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Comparing with the seat heat function by the existing thermic rays, Climate Control Seat functions the heating,cooling, dehumidifying by using TED.
It inhales the indoor air through the blower installed at the seat cushion lower part, and supplies the air into the seat cushion and the seat back through the duct.
It heats or cools the air supplied from TED set up at the tip of the duct.
It sends a slight heated or cooled air throughout the seat surface through the air channel set up at seat cushion and seat back.
TED is the exchange system with heat and electricity. It can be used anywhere in case of accomplishing heating and cooling at once, if necessary generation by using heating sources.
It is the next generation cooling system which can substitudes for the compressure cooling system.
It can simply generate heating and cooling at once through the electric poles conversion, and also keep a steady temperature through cooling and heating an object between -30∞C and +150∞C.
    Climate Seat Unit Schematic Diagrams
    Circuit Diagram ...

    Climate Seat Unit Repair procedures
    Removal Front Seat - Climate control system Seat Blower 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the front seat. (Refer to Body - "Front Seat Assembly") 3. Remove the f ...

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