Hyundai Equus: Auto Head lamp leveling Unit Repair procedures - Head lamp leveling Device - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2024 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Auto Head lamp leveling Unit Repair procedures

Remove the head lamp leveling unit linkage (A) from trailing arm.

Loosen the mounting bolts (3EA) of automatic head lamp leveling unit assembly.

Tightening torque :
3 ~ 5 N.m (30 ~ 50 kgf.m, 2.21 ~ 3.68 lb-ft)

Remove the head lamp leveling unit connector.
Remove the head lamp leveling unit assembly after removing the screws (2EA).

Connect the connector and install the head lamp leveling unit.
Install the head lamp leveling unit linkage.
Ignition "ON".
Turn on the head lamp switch.
Check for operation. If the aim of the head lamps changes smoothly when the head lamp leveling switch is turned.
If the operation does not work well, inspect the connector and terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.
If the terminals are bent, loose or corroded, repair them as necessary, and recheck the system.
If the terminals look OK, go to step 5.
Substitute with a known-good head lamp assembly and check for proper operation.
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