Hyundai Equus: Presure Switch Description and Operation - Automatic Transmission Control System - Automatic Transmission System (SBC) - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2023 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Presure Switch Description and Operation

The oil pressure switch detects any abnormal hydraulic pressure to the 35R clutch in the N range.

    Middle Speed Sensor Repair procedures
    Inspection 1. Check signal waveform of middle speed sensor using the GDS. Specification: Refer to "Signal Wave Form" section. ...

    Presure Switch Specifications
    Specifications Specifications (20°C(68°F))OFF => ON146 ± 40 kPaON => OFF50 kPa ...

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    Auto Door Lock/Unlock Features
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    Line Pressure Control Solenoid Vale Description and Operation
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