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(1) Drivers Door Power Window Switch

(1) Drivers Door Power Window Switch
(2) Front Passengers Door Power Window Switch
(3) Rear Door (left) Power Window Switch and Curtain Switch (if equipped)
(4) Rear Door (right) Power Window Switch and Curtain Switch (if equipped)
(5) Window Opening and Closing
(6) Automatic Power Window up/down
(7) Power Window Lock Switch


In cold and wet climates, power windows may not work properly due to freezing conditions.

Trunk Lid Control Button
When the trunk lid control button is ON (depressed), the power trunk can be controlled with the power trunk main control button, power trunk open, close button, and the smart key. When this t ...

Power Windows
The Engine Start/Stop Button must be in the ON position to be able to raise or lower the windows. Each door has a Power Window switch to control that door's window. The driver has a Power Win ...

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