Hyundai Equus: Fuel Pressure Control Valve Troubleshooting - Engine Control System - Engine Control/Fuel System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2024 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Fuel Pressure Control Valve Troubleshooting

Signal Waveform

    Fuel Pressure Control Valve Specifications
    Specification ItemSpecificationCoil Resistance (x)0.47 ~ 0.51 [20°C(68°F)] ...

    Fuel Pressure Control Valve Schematic Diagrams
    Circuit Diagram ...

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    In-car Sensor Repair procedures
    Inspection 1. Turn the ignition switch ON. 2. Blow warm air into the in-car sensor air inlet. Measure the sensor resistance between 1 and 3 terminals. 1. Sensor Ground 2. Motor (-)3. Incar ...

    Troubleshooting SymptomSuspect AreaRemedy (Refer to page)Water leaks from sunroofDirt accumulated in drain tubeClear dirt inside of drainClogged drain tubeBlow air into drain to remove dirtBroken ...

    Description and Operation
    Description System Overview The larger the size of the door, the harder it is to close it. Quite often we see people driving with a door not completely closed. Power door latch addresses the is ...


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