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Circuit Diagram

Multi-view Camera System Input/Output
Camera input
Lens angle of view
190 degrees
Angle of view
186 degrees
135 degrees
Provides the original image of the wide angle image
(no additional function)
Application location
Same camera applied to the front, rear, left and right

Multi-view Camera image output
The Multi-view Camera unit carries out distortion compensation and video merging on the image from 4 cameras installed around the vehicle, indicates steering interlocking guidelines and others, and outputs them in analog.
Multi-view Camera switch
When the switch is ON, this is used as a control input signal that operates the front view mode.
Ignition input
The Multi-view Camera unit outputs images only when IGN2 ON. When IGN2 OFF , it is an Multi-view Camera OFF state, and limits image outputting.
Multi-view Camera unit uses signals inputted through IGN pin or M_CAN communication to determine whether IGN2 is ON or OFF.
Output switch indicator lamp
Multi-view Camera units output power through PWM waves from the LED located in the Multi-view Camera switch to show the user whether the switch has been pressed.
Input chassis CAN (C_CAN)
The Multi-view Camera unit uses C_CAN to receive information about the vehicle's condition and to decide whether to carry out main Multi-view Camera operations.
Multimedia CAN input/output (M_CAN)
The Multi-view Camera unit uses the AVN, which displays images from the Multi-view Camera, and M_CAN to communicate to send and receive the following information.
Send Multi-view Camera mode conversion requests for Multi-view Camera output images (e.g. Navi mode> Multi-view Camera mode)
Send requests for user Multi-view Camera view conversion
Send compensation coordinates for tolerance compensation
Send warning messages to be indicated in the AVN
Send any user option changes
    Description and Operation
    Description Multi-view Camera System is the system that allows video monitoring of 360 degrees around the vehicle. The system includes 4 ultra optical camera mounted around the vehicle (front, ...

    Repair procedures
    Inspection Tolerance Compensation Tolerance compensation compensates for the error margins of Multi-view video that occur due to the installation tolerance when the four cameras that comprise ...

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