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1. LDWS ON/OFF Switch
2. Instrument Cluster
3. LDWS Unit
4. Camera Module

    Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    Description and Operation
    Description System Operation Typically, lane departure warning is activated at a speed over 70 km/h, but suppressed in case of unintentional lane departure when driver do not operate turn sign ...

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    Hazard Lamp Switch Repair procedures
    Inspection 1. Check "IPM" input/output specification of hazard lamp switch using the GDS. If the specification is abnormal, replace the hazard switch module. 2. Select option "Input/output ...

    Advanced vehicle safety management (AVSM) (If equipped)
    AVSM detects the distance from the vehicle ahead with the sensor, to warn you before collision and protect you in certain hazardous situations by using warning message, warning sound and seat belt ...

    Tilt & Telescope Control (SCM) Repair procedures
    Inspection Ims Mode Setting With GDS 1. You can turn ON/OFF of IMS tilt & telescope control option with the user option program. 2. Select model and "body control module" menu. 3. Sel ...


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