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Because of the design layout, the air spring and the shock absorber (damper) is separated. The average (target) pressure of rear air spring for normal operation is around 8.5 bar.
When the rear air spring is delivered as service spare part, no air is filled so that the intensive care is required to handle. It will be explained more detail in the section of Caution of handling.
Due to the stopper inside of spring, the upper end and lower end do not contact (gap exists around 10mm) each other even if the air is totally discharged.
Take care to handle the rear air spring. Dont pull the air spring intentionally, it may very difficult to restore to the original shape. If it was extended untended, a small amount of air pressure inside spring will help you pushing the spring to the original position.
    Air Spring Components and Components Location
    Components 1. Urethane pad2. Connected to air tube3. Protector4. Air spring ...

    Air Spring Repair procedures
    Removal     Before replacing the relevant parts, use GDS equipment to fully discharge the air from the relevant parts. (Refer to Air Suspension System - "Repair procedures ( ...

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