Hyundai Equus: Valve Body Description and Operation - Hydraulic System - Automatic Transmission System (SBC) - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2022 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Valve Body Description and Operation

The valve body is essential to automatic transmission control and consists of various valves used to control the oil feed from the oil pump. Specifically, these valves consist of pressure regulator valves, oil redirection valves, shift valves, and manual valves. The valve body also features electronic solenoid valves that ensure smooth gear changes.

    Oil Filter Repair procedures
    Replacement 1. Draining ATF totally. 2. Remove the oil pan (A). 3. Must be replaced by new oil pan.     Integrated filter in the oil pan is not replaceable. 4. Add ...

    Valve Body Components and Components Location
    Components Location 1. Input speed sensor2. Middle speed sensor3. Output speed sensor4. E Module5. Line presure control solenoid valve6. Damper clutch control solenoid valve7. ON/OFF solenoid val ...

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