Hyundai Equus: Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Components and Components Location - Seat Belt Pretensioner - Restraint - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2024 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Components and Components Location

Second generation VI (2009Ц2024) / Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2024 Service Manual / Restraint / Seat Belt Pretensioner / Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Components and Components Location


Main Function
Full Retraction
Maintains a more safe posture by strongly rewinding the seat belt right before a crash.
[Operation Condition]
When a frontal crash is detected by the radar
When sudden braking
When vehicle control function is disabled
Dynamic Support
Stabilizes the driver from foward and centrifugal force by rewinding the seat belt during sudden braking or turning.
[Operation Condition]
When sudden braking (Forward force)
When sudden turning (Centrifugal force)
When sliding in icy road
Haptic Warning
Warns the driver with seat belt vibration when the vehicle gets out of its lane or any other dangerous situation occurs.
[Operation Condition]
When a vehicle ahead is detected very near by the radar
When the vehicle leaving the lane is detected by LDWS
Slack Removal
If the seat belt isnТt completely fastened, it will not work normally in a vehicle crash situation. In this case, this system completely fastens the seat belt by winding the belt slightly when the vehicle speed reaches 40kph.
Seat Belt Parking
After the seat belt is released, it returns the seat belt to its original position in 3 seconds by retracting the belt.
However, this function does not work when the belt has already returned to its original position.
Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Warning Lamp
The Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) warning lamp located on the cluster is to inform you that there is a problem with the system.
When the ignition switch is turned ON, it is normal if the lamp is turned on for 3 seconds. However, there may be a problem if the following condtions occurs.
The lamp is turned on continuously when the ignition switch is in the ON position.
The lamp turns on while driving.

    Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Description and Operation
    Description Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) guarantees initial restraint performance by winding the seat belt right before a crash or dangerous condition and enhances the effects of the seat belt pr ...

    Pre-active Seat Belt (PSB) Schematic Diagrams
    Circuit Diagram ...

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