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Your vehicle is equipped with an occupant classification system in the front

Your vehicle is equipped with an occupant classification system in the front passenger's seat.

The occupant classification system is designed to detect the presence of a properly-seated front passenger and determine if the passenger's front air bag should be enabled (may inflate) or not. The driver's front air bag is not affected or controlled by the occupant classification system.

    SRS components and functions
    The SRS consists of the following components: 1. Driver's front air bag module 2. Passenger's front air bag module 3. Side impact air bag modules 4. Curtain air bag modules 5. Retract ...

    Main components of occupant classification system
    A detection device located within the front passenger seat cushion. Х Electronic system to determine whether the passenger air bag systems (both front and side) should be activated or deactiv ...

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    Components and Components Location
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