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To lock :

To lock :

1. Close all doors, engine hood and trunk.
2. Either press the door handle button or press the Door Lock button on the Smart Key.
3. The hazard warning lights will blink and the chime will sound once. Also the outside rearview mirror will fold.
4. Make sure the doors are locked by checking the position of the door lock button inside the vehicle.


The door handle button will only operate when the Smart Key is within 28 in. (0.7 m) from the outside door handle.

Even though you press the outside door handle button, the doors will not lock and the chime will sound for three seconds if any of following occur:

  • The Smart Key is in the vehicle.
  • The Engine Start/Stop Button is in ACC or ON position.
  • Any door except the trunk is open.
    Your EQUUS uses a Smart Key, which you can use to lock or unlock a door (and trunk) and even start the engine. 1. Door Lock 2. Door Unlock 3. Trunk Unlock 4. Panic WARNING - Smart key Leavin ...

    To unlock: 1. Carry the Smart Key. 2. Either put your hand in the drivers outside door handle or press the Door Unlock button on the Smart Key. 3. The drivers door will unlock. The hazard w ...

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