Hyundai Equus: Height Sensor Description and Operation - Air Suspension System - Suspension System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2023 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Height Sensor Description and Operation

The ground clearance sensor is one component of the ECS system. This sensor is installed between the vehicle body and lower suspension arm. It measures the ground clearance and sends signals to the ECS ECU.
Mounting position
Installed between the vehicle body and lower suspension arm.
Height sensor of function
Detects variations in the clearance between the vehicle body and each wheel, and then sends this data to the ECS ECU.
Measures the ground clearance of the vehicle body (to control the ground clearance).
Estimates the relative speed of each damper (to control the CDC damping force).

Uses a cylindrical magnet inserted in the rotational shaft. The magnetic sensor (Hall IC) installed over the PCB at the end of magnet detects the ground clearance through variations in the magnetic force.
    Height Sensor Components and Components Location
    Components Front Height Sensor 1. Lever2. Braket3. Braket4. Height sensor5. Road Rear Height Sensor 1. Lever2. Height sensor3. Road4. Braket ...

    Height Sensor Schematic Diagrams
    Circuit diagram 1. Height sensor connector 2. Height sensor terminal function TerminalFunction1Height Sensor Ground2-3-4-5Height Sensor Power 6Height Sensor Signal 3. Circuit diagram ...

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