Hyundai Equus: Front Area Module(FAM) Description and Operation - Body Network System - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2022 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Front Area Module(FAM) Description and Operation

FAM (Front Area Module)
The FAM includes the functions for the following list :
Wiper control (Rain sensor communication and transfer Rain sensor request information to Wiper module)
Lamp control (Tail, Head Lamp Low and High, Front fog, Room Lamp Auto Cut, Rear Fog lamp Control)
Turn Signal Control
External Buzzer and Burglar Alarm Horn control
Input signal sends via CAN for local functions (Hood switch, DRL option)

    Front Area Module(FAM) Components and Components Location
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    Driver Door Module (DDM) Components and Components Location
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