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Special Service Tools
Tool (Number and Name)
Steering wheel puller

Removal of steering wheel

    Specifications ItemSpecificationSteering GearTypeRack & PinionRack strokeManual144mmAIR136mmPower Steering MotorTypeBLDC (WET type)Voltage13.5VSteering angle (Max.)InnerR17Manual42.67∞±1∞30ТA ...

    Troubleshooting SymptomProbable causeRemedyExcessive play in steeringLoose yoke plugRetightenLoose steering gear mounting boltsRetightenLoose or worn tie rod endRetighten or replace as necessaryS ...

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    Driving your vehicle
    WARNING - ENGINE EXHAUST CAN BE DANGEROUS! Engine exhaust fumes can be extremely dangerous. If, at any time, you smell exhaust fumes inside the vehicle, open the windows immediately. Do not inh ...

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