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Tires and wheels


    Tires and wheels
    CAUTION When replacing tires, use the same size  originally supplied with the vehicle. Using tires of a different size can damage the related parts or make it work irregularly. ✽ N ...

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    Yaw-rate and Lateral G Sensor Repair procedures
    Replacement 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable 2. Remove the floor console. (Refer to Body - "Console") 3. Disconnect the yaw rate & lateral G s ...

    Driver Door Module (DDM) Description and Operation
    Description 1. Driver Door Module (DDM) (1) Main features ItemExplanationNotesInstallation positon Driver side door trimComponent configuration 1. Embedded with CAN Communication IC 2. ...

    To sound the horn, press the area indicated by the horn symbol on your steering wheel (see illustration). The horn will operate only when this area is pressed. CAUTION Do not strike the horn s ...


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