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Rated voltage
Max. 1mA (Relay load)
Detection illuminations
Tail lamp
ON : 74 ± 16 (Lux), 2.36 ± 0.08 (V)
OFF : 148 ± 32 (Lux), 4.52 ± 0.1 (V)
Head lamp
ON : 18.5 ± 4 (Lux), 1.08 ± 0.06 (V)
OFF : 37 ± 8 (Lux), 2.12 ± 0.06 (V)

    Auto Lighting Control System

    Components and Components Location
    Component Location 1. Auto light sensor2. Head lamps3. Lighting switch (Auto)4. Tail lamps5. IPM (Instrument Panel Module) ...

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