Hyundai Equus: Keep paint and trim in good condition - Appearance care - Maintenance - Hyundai Equus 2009-2020 Owners ManualHyundai Equus: Keep paint and trim in good condition

Scratches or chips in the finish should be covered with "touch-up" paint as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of corrosion. If bare metal is showing through, the attention of a qualified body and paint shop is recommended.

Bird droppings : Bird droppings are highly corrosive and may damage painted surfaces in just a few hours. Always remove bird droppings as soon as possible.

    Keep your garage dry
    Don't park your car in a damp, poorly ventilated garage. This creates a favorable environment for corrosion. This is particularly true if you wash your car in the garage or drive it into the ...

    Don't neglect the interior
    Moisture can collect under the floor mats and carpeting to cause corrosion. Check under the mats periodically to be sure the carpeting is dry. Use particular care if you carry fertilizers, cleanin ...

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    3 Zone control button
    1. Press the 3 zone button to operate the front passenger's temperature, rear side temperature, and rear side mode individually. The indicator on the 3 zone button will be illuminated. Press ...

    Heater Unit Components and Components Location
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    4&OD Clutch Control Solenoid Valve Repair procedures
    Inspection 1. Turn ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the E Module connector. 3. Measure resistance between sensor signal terminal and sensor ground terminal. 4. Check that the res ...


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