Hyundai Equus: Instrument Cluster Description and Operation - Indicators And Gauges - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Equus VI 2009-2019 Service ManualHyundai Equus: Instrument Cluster Description and Operation

Communication Network Diagram

Refer to the "Body Network System" for the abbreviation information.
High speed CAN communication (C-CAN)
User option setting : HUD and others
SBW : Shift By Wire
HUD : (Head Up Display
Low speed CAN communication (MM-CAN)
Audio / Video multimedia information
Turn By Turn Navigation information
Sound output

Description and function (CAN data receiver)
Welcome (Key out and door open/closed state checked by BCM)
CAN input + Cluster
Good bye
Goodbye (Cluster)
Door open warning
Kwy reminder warning (BCM), Vehicle speed is 5km/h or below & IGN switch is ACC or IGN or engine start & when vehicle speed is below 5 km/h or when the driver side door is opened
CAN input
Seat belt warning
Driver seat belt warning (BCM)
CAN input
PAS system warning
PAS sensor fault warning (BCM)
CAN input
Gear R
PAS warning when shift gear R (BCM)
CAN input
Parking brake
Parking brake warning (BCM)
CAN input
Engine start/stop button
SSB button warning (SMK)
CAN input
Rheostat light information
Rheostat warning when select the max or min degree (Cluster)
Smart key out
Smart key out warning (SMK) 
CAN input
N0n smart key warning (SMK)
Smart cruise
Change from the conventional cruise to the smart cruise(SCC)
CAN input
Smart cruise driving information
Smart cruise function cancel (SCC)
CAN input
conventional cruise
Change from the smart cruise to the conventional cruise(SCC)
CAN input
Turn signal lamp (Tick)
Turn signal lamp warning (BCM)
CAN input + Cluster
Turn signal lamp (Tock)
Turn signal lamp warning (BCM)
CAN input + Cluster
Smart key battery low voltage
Warnig when driver push the SSB button with low voltage battery smart key (SMK)
CAN input
EPB warning
Warning when change from Auto Hold to EPB lock (EPB)
CAN input
ESC OFF change sound
When ESC state is changed
CAN input
Cooling fluid high temperature warning
When the engine temperature is over 120 °C (EMS)
CAN input + Cluster
SBW warning
Warning messgae or  P ,N with IGN OFF state (TCU,LVR)
CAN input

User Setting Mode (USM)
Setting can be changed by using the haptic switch menu, and CW, CCW, OK buttons (or the UP, Down, Left, Right and OK button of the generic switch). There are total of 24 items (for example, In/Out Seat Synchronization, In/Out Steering Wheel Synchronization, Auto Door Lock, Auto Door Lock Deactivate, Head Lamp Escort, Welcome Light, Welcome Sound, Triple Turn Signal, Average Fuel Consumption Auto Reset, HUD Height Adjustment, Brightness, and Content Setup) that can be set and customized. The signal flow during setting is as follows.
UMS settings are set, they are transmitted to BCM.
BCM transmits the settings via B_CAN to the relevant modules.
The module completes setting and transmits the modified setting to BCM.
BCM transmits the final settings via C_CAN to the cluster.
HUD related settings of UMS is transmitted.
Settings on HUD light brightness/height are transmitted to display the final settings.
The haptic settings of UMS are transmitted to modify the haptic experience.
    Instrument Cluster Schematic Diagrams
    Circuit Diagram ...

    Instrument Cluster Repair procedures
    Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the cluster fascia panel after loosening the screws. (Refer to Body - "Cluster Fascia Panel") 3. Remove the cluster asse ...

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    Components and Components Location
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    Starter Specifications
    Specification ItemSpecificationRated voltage12 V, 1.7 kWThe number of pinion teeth13Performance[No-load, 11.5 V]AmpereMax. 85 ASpeedMin. 2,550 rpm ...


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