Hyundai Equus: If engine turns over normally but does not start - If the engine will not start - What to do in an emergency - Hyundai Equus 2009-2021 Owners ManualHyundai Equus: If engine turns over normally but does not start

1. Check fuel level.
2. With the Engine Start/Stop Button in the OFF position, check all connectors at ignition coils and spark plugs. Reconnect any that may be disconnected or loose.
3. If the engine still does not start, call an authorized EQUUS dealer or seek other qualified assistance.

    If engine doesn't turn over or turns over slowly
    1. Be sure the shift lever is in N (Neutral) or P (Park) and the emergency brake is set. 2. Check the battery connections to be sure they are clean and tight. 3. Turn on the interior light. If the ...

    Emergency starting
    Connect cables in numerical order and disconnect in reverse order. ✽ NOTICE Your vehicle has a battery in the trunk compartment, but when you jump start your vehicle, use the jumper termi ...

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